2002 - Albanians Remember a Favorite Son - 2002

Albany Author William Kennedy presented with McKinney Works
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An overflow crowd greeted Albany author William Kennedy,winner of Pulitzer and MacArthur Prizes, for a reading from his bestselling new novel, Roscoe. Native Albanians in the audience included Jessica Lahey and Jane Schneider. For a moment, they all forgot the Super Bowl.

William Kennedy has a longstanding affection for the McKinney Library, where he spent many hours doing the meticulous research behind his bestselling novels. He has done book signings at the Library. When The Cotton Club, for which he wrote the screenplay, premiered at Albany's Palace Theater. The McKinney Library was the beneficiary of the benefit that followed. The Library has had no better friend than William Kennedy and now he has a complete set of McKinney works in his own library.

Print Club Exec. discovers Albany hasn't
forgotten the McKinney Library

Committee Activist and Print Club of Albany exec. Charles Semowich has many warm memories of Laurence McKinney. He submitted these photos taken two weeks ago at a store front in the State Street area. The McKinney Library seems to be alive and well everywhere except at the AIHA.

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Philip Schuyler
State Street

Panoramic View from the Capitol

Albany County Savings Bank

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